Cooking Instructions – How to cook with wok?

We prefer to thaw any meals with raw meat first and then cook them in the morning.  This gives the meat its most tender, shreddable texture.

The best way to cook with top wok thaw the meal is to place it in your refrigerator over night. You can also fill a large bowl or your sink with cool tap water and soak it for a few hours.


Before cooking, remove the internal slow cooker bag from the external Freezer bag. The Freezer bag can be discarded.  Place the slow cooker bag directly in your slow cooker. Our slow cooker bags make the cooking process as painless as possible for you and as an added bonus, make your clean up a breeze.

*Recommended for best results* If cooking from a thawed state, cook your slow cooker pulled pork on LOW for 8 hours or on HIGH for 4-5 hours.

If cooking from a frozen state, cook your slow cooker pulled pork on LOW for 10 hours.

It’s okay if your slow cooker pulled pork finishes cooking before you are ready to enjoy it for dinner.  Leave it in your slow cooker on the WARM setting (most programmable slow cookers will automatically do this for you if you set a cooking duration). It will not dry out if it stays there with the lid in place for a few hours.

Once the meal is cooked, scoop some pork onto buns, pair with some of the suggested sides, and enjoy.

Cooking is easy

Contrary to what some of us think, cooking is actually easy. Some of us think it to be a daunting task but if we put our mind and soul into it, it can also be one of the best stress-busters. Until a couple of years back, I had literally never entered the kitchen, I never needed to, as my food needs were always fulfilled by mummy. But all of that changed after my marriage. Since my husband is very fond of Indian food, so I had to learn cooking.


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